Monday, May 02, 2005

I'm the type of guy...

Recently, my wife, Gaby and I had a visit from Sarah's parents. Other than Sarah getting a pretty bad stomach bug, it was a relatively good visit.

During part of the weekend, I went off to do a bit of shopping with my Father-in-law. I went to Sears to look at a riding lawn mower as Sarah and I will need one for our lawn. (There's no way in hell I would push mow a 1+ acre lawn.) Without boring you with the details, I was looking at a particular mower and the associate started to talk to me about the differences between that model and the slightly more expensive model.

I can say without any trace of sarcasm that I don't have a clue about anything revolving around the automotive process. I can drive my car or a lawn mower without any problems, but if anyone was to ask me what the hell a cam is, I'll just shrug my shoulders and smile politely.

So, when the salesperson started to talk about pressurized chambers of the barometer (or something like that), my mind started to move onto other things.

After a while, we finished up what I had to do there and went off to Toys R Us and picked up a few things for Gaby. I didn't really think much of the time at TRU, I just was going through my normal process of shopping there, looking at clothes, seeing what kid toys I could look forward to next, etc.

So, last night Sarah says the following to me. "My dad says you have more fun shopping at Toys 'R Us than you would at Home Depot."

Sorry for the simple answer... But "DUH!!!"

I think just about anyone that reads this site would be able to glean the fact that I'm not exactly the most handy of people from my writings. Sure, I've completed a few projects around my house, and I've even done all of the home theater and computer wiring, but if given the choice between looking at toys and clothes for my daughter and picking out a belt sander, it's not even a competition.

Plus, that new Strawberry Shortcake line of clothing just looks so damn cute.....


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