Tuesday, June 21, 2005

She's the DJ...

and I'm the Rapper apparently.

Yesterday was my first ever father's day. Father is never really a word that I thought that I would be associated with. This will seem odd, but I thought I would be a dad, but I never thought that I would be considered a father.

I can look back at my childhood and see the role that my actual father didn't play. I didn't really have that "Father" to speak of for the first 8 or so years of my life. Then Dennis came along and he picked up that role and ran with it. I saw both my father and Dennis yesterday and Dennis was the only one that I thought I really needed to say "Happy Father's Day" to.

So, I got home from hockey yesterday morning and found my gift sitting on the counter. Gaby had gotten me a book called, "Why a Daughter needs a Dad: 100 Reasons" and a card. It's a very nice book about why little girls need dads, but it was the card that got me. The envelope just had the word "Dad" on it.

I've been Gaby's dad now for a few months (6, to be exact) but it wasn't until I saw that card that it really struck me. I'm playing a major role in shaping a persons life, and I'm not even screwing it up, all that much, to this point. Who could have thought that was possible?

The majority of the day was spent out at my Grandparents 60th wedding anniversary (Just for perspective, my Great-Grandparents made it to 78 years of marriage before my Great Grandfather passed away at 103.) Gaby is having a very tough time with keeping food down at this point, so my father's day consisted of a great deal of cleaning up baby vomit.

After I opened the gift from Gaby, I walked over to her and gave her a kiss and thanked her for the gift. I then told her that I would not accept a Father's day without a breakfast being made for me in the future. Seriously, could a 6 month old be lazier?

I'm guessing I'll be getting that meal from her next year... she may even spit in it for me, just so I know who's in charge in the house.


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