Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stop your grinnin'...

I know that I officially became a father on December 3rd of 2004, and that I had my first official Father's Day on June 19th of 2005, but yesterday... I truly became a man.

Up until this point, it was up for debate which team I was actually on. Yesterday changed all of that though.

Yep, both of my boys dropped and I officially joined the club.

I guess I've been doing some of the things that men do for a while now. I even have proof that I've had sex once, with a woman even, though Sarah may debate whether I was actually masculine during the event.

It arrived yesterday at 4:00 in the afternoon.

I didn't get a chance to see it delivered, as I was still at work, and had hockey after that. You would think that hockey would make me feel masculine... but no. I play co-ed hockey and when you're doing your best to avoid running into, or even touching, people.. sometimes you feel more like Kristy Yamaguchi than Wayne Gretzky out there.

It was just sitting there when I got home.

Throughout the years, I've had a hard time hanging out with "the guys" in most situations. God help me if anyone brings up a carburetor in conversation. I just have to stare blankly and smile while people talk about valve springs or piston hammers or whatever the hell else could be contained in an engine. For all I know engines are magical devices that are powered by keys that work as silver talisman.

I looked at the jet black matte finish and a sly smile crawled across my face.

Hunting could have been a way for me to claim my manhood, but guns are not really my cup of tea. (See, right there... I used "Cup of Tea." Fit me with a bra and start telling me about my cycle.)

Sarah made me look at the manuals, but I just wanted to to town with it.

Maybe it was all the time that I spent around my mother and my two sisters when I was growing up, but doing all of the manly stuff just wasn't for me.

Until 26 HP of pure mowing glory showed up.

Yes indeed. I now am the proud owner of a lawn tractor.

The tattoos will come later... I'm sure. (Have they figured out a way to tattoo you without pain being involved?)

Ok, so I'm not all man yet, but it's a start.


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